Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Personal Information 139
Schedule a Repeating Event
1. While creating an event (see “Create an Event” on
page 137), tap to the right of the event name.
(To set an event as repeating after creating the
event, tap the event name in Day view.)
2. Tap No Repeat and tap the repeat interval.
3. (Optional) Tap Custom to define your own repeat
interval and set the end date.
Tip: Need to find the event location on a map? Open an event
that has a location specified in the
Event location field,
open the application menu
, and tap Event Location. Tap
Show on Map, which shows the location on
Google Maps, or
Get Directions, which gives directions
from your current location.
Did You Know? To enter a birthday, anniversary, or holiday,
create an untimed event. Then select
on [date]
as the repeat interval.