Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2A. Basics 29
3 Scroll arrow: Swipe up or down to see icons that
are on the page but hidden.
4 Quick Launch: See “Open an Application in Quick
Launch” on page 46.
5 Connection icons: Show the status of wireless
service connections and battery strength (see
“Icons in the Title Bar” on page 29). Tap the icons
to open the connection menu.
6 Page indicators: Show how many Launcher
pages are to the right or the left of the currently
displayed page. Swipe left or right on the screen
to see other pages.
7 Notification icons: Show missed calls, new
voicemail and email messages, and more. Tap the
bottom of the screen to view notification details
(see “View All Your Notifications” on page 64).
Icons in the Title Bar
You can monitor the status of several items using icons
in the area at the top of the phone screen:
Item Description
The battery is being charged.
The battery is fully charged.
The battery is low. See “Charge the
Battery” on page 31.
Airplane mode is turned on. This means
that the phone and Bluetooth
technology feature are off (incoming calls
go to voicemail). See “Turn Wireless
Services Off (Airplane Mode)” on
page 19.
The phone is on. The number of filled-in
bars denotes signal strength. See “Turn
Wireless Services On” on page 20.
Your phone is connected to a 1x data
network. Data is not currently being
transmitted over the network. See “I Can’t
Tell If Data Services Are Available” on
page 251.
Your phone is connected to a 1x data
network and data is being transmitted
over the network.
Item Description