Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 199
Email & Messaging
Do one of the following:
In the message list: Throw the message off the side of
the screen.
In an open message: Tap .
Add a Signature to Outgoing Messages
A signature includes information you want to add to the
closing of all your outgoing messages—for example,
your name, address, and phone numbers; your
website; or a personal motto. You can use a different
signature for each email account.
1. Open Email .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences &
3. Tap the account you want.
4. Tap the Signature field and enter the signature text.
(To format the text with bold, italics, or color, select
the text (see “Text Selection Gestures” on
page 42), open the application menu
, and tap
Edit > [the option you want].)
View Mail Folders
1. Open Email .
2. Do any of the following:
View all folders for an account: Tap .
Open a folder: Tap the folder name.
Tip: If you change the folder where you store deleted
messages for an IMAP account (see “Enter Advanced
Account Settings” on page 191), deleting messages from
this folder removes them from your phone.