Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 243
Applications Are Running Slower Than
1. Tap the center of the gesture area to display Card
2. Scroll through the cards and note how many
applications you have running.
3. Close any application you are not using by
throwing its card off the top of the screen.
If the problem persists, try restarting your phone (see
“Restart Your phone” on page 171).
My Gestures in the Gesture Area Aren’t
Some gestures begin in the gesture area and end in
the touchscreen, and vice versa. Crossing the border
between the two areas with your finger is crucial to
making the gesture successfully. Likewise, the drag
gesture for opening a menu begins at the top of the
phone, above the screen, and crosses down onto the
If you cannot make the back gesture, check to see if
you have the next/previous app gestures turned on
(see “Turn Advanced Gestures On/Off” on page 176).
If so, you need to make a short swipe left for the back
gesture, and a full swipe right or left for the next or
previous open app.
Likewise, you can’t use the next/previous app
gestures unless you turn them on (see “Turn
Advanced Gestures On/Off” on page 176).
You can see animations of many gestures: Open
Help and tap Clips. Or go to to
watch the animations on your desktop computer.
Also, see “Use Gestures: Tap, Swipe, Drag, Flick,
Pinch” on page 35.
Tip: Be sure that any third-party applications you install are
compatible with the Palm
webOS™ platform.
Applications written for Palm smartphones using the
Palm OS operating system or Windows Mobile are not
compatible with your Pixi phone. If you can try a free
version of the software before purchasing it, you can test it
first to make sure it works properly. In App Catalog, you
can purchase the Classic application from MotionApps to
run Palm OS applications on your Pixi phone.