Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2C. Transferring Data 77
Data Transfer
How Do I Get Data From My Old
Do you want to sync your personal information
between your Pixi phone and Google or Exchange, but
first need to get your data out of an old phone that you
want to stop using? You can do a one-time, one-way
transfer of data to your Pixi phone, and then sync the
data to Google or Exchange.
1. On your computer, set up an account on the
Google website (go to or with Microsoft
Exchange (speak to an IT person at your
2. Open Contacts on your Pixi phone.
3. Enter your username and password for the Google
or Exchange account.
4. Go to a Sprint store and ask a support agent for
help in transferring data from your old phone.
(When you're ready to transfer data from your old
phone, be sure to tell the agent which account to
transfer the data to.)
How Do I Get Data Off My
Note: You don’t have to go to Calendar to set up your
account there—that’s done automatically using the
username and password you enter in Contacts.