Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Preferences 177
Change to front gesture: The front gesture (available in
Web only) still goes from left to right in the gesture
area, but it’s a shorter swipe, from the center outward.
1. Open Screen & Lock .
2. In Switch Applications, tap On or Off.
Set Options for Unlocking the Screen
The screen locks five seconds after it turns off
automatically, or immediately if you turn the screen off
manually. Use Secure Unlock if you want to require a
PIN or a password to unlock the screen.
1. Open Screen & Lock .
2. To turn Secure Unlock on, in Secure Unlock, tap
Simple PIN or Password and do one of the
Simple PIN: Enter a four-digit PIN. This is a PIN that
you make up. Enter the PIN again to confirm.
Password: Enter a password containing any
combination of letters and numbers. Enter the
password again to confirm.
3. (Optional) Under Notifications, tap On or Off to set
whether notifications are displayed when the
screen is locked.
Tip: If your company issued your phone to you, check with
your system administrator whether the company has its
own settings for locking and unlocking the screen of your
Important: Be sure to write down your PIN or password and
keep it somewhere safe. If you forget your PIN or
password, you need to remotely reset your phone
and may lose data.