Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

136 2F. Personal Information
The Synergy feature makes it easy to synchronize other
data from an online account. By setting up
synchronization in one app, synchronization of the
other apps is automatically set up for you. For example,
if you set up your Gmail account in Email before you
set up Calendar, when you first open Calendar, you
find that your Google calendar events are already
downloaded. And when you first open Contacts, you
find that your Google contacts are already in your
phone’s Contacts app.
See “Online Accounts Available for webOS Phones” on
page 294
for the current list of online accounts that you can set
up on your phone, from which you can access calendar events.
Transfer calendar events using the Data Transfer
Assistant: When you transfer calendar events from
desktop software, you select which account to assign
those events to. Look for those events in the account
you select (see “How Do I Get Data Off My Computer?”
on page 77).
Enter an event directly in Calendar: See “Create an
Event” on page 137 for instructions. You can assign the
event to one of your online calendars—if you do, it
synchronizes with the online calendar. Or you can
create the event in your Palm profile account, which
means it shows up on your phone only. Palm profile
events are included in the daily backup of your Palm
profile information, so you can restore them if they are
accidentally erased.
Layered Calendars
Suppose you use the calendar in both Microsoft
Exchange ActiveSync and in Google. If you set up both
of those accounts to sync with your phone, your
phone's Calendar app shows the events from both in a
single view—a layered calendar with events that are
color-coded to identify which provider they come from.
Individual events remain stored separately with your
Did You Know? If you synchronize with your Google calendar,
you can add Google Weather to the calendar
on your desktop and have it appear in
Calendar on your phone. On your desktop,
log in to your Google Calendar account and
Calendar Settings. Click the General
tab, enter your location, and click the
temperature unit you want in
Show weather
based on my locations
. The next time your
phone synchronizes with your Google
account, Google Weather appears in
Calendar on your phone.