Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Web and Wireless Connections 221
Wireless Connections
Reorder: Tap, hold, wait for the visual cue, and
then drag the bookmark.
Delete: Throw the bookmark off the side of the
screen and tap
Return to Previously Viewed Web Pages
1. Open the application menu and tap History.
2. Scroll to the page name and tap the page.
You can also search for a recently viewed page by
entering a term or address in the address bar that
matches the page name or address.
Use Links on a Web Page
To follow a link to another page: Zoom in on the page
(pinch out or double-tap the page), and tap the link.
To dial a phone number that appears as a link: Tap the
link to display the dial pad with number entered, and
tap .
Customize Web Browser Settings
1. Open Web .