Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Personal Information 133
entries in the linked contact. Tap the entry you
want and tap
Delete This Profile.
If you delete a contact that is assigned to an online
account, the contact is deleted in the online
account also.
Customize Contacts
1. Open Contacts .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences &
3. Set the following options:
List Order: Tap to select the criteria by which the
contact list is sorted. If you select
Last name as sort,
the names are alphabetized by last name, but still
they appear in the Contacts list as First name Last
name. If you select
First name as sort, names are
alphabetized by first name.
You can also choose to sort by
Company & first
name or Company & last name. In these cases, the
company name is alphabetized, and within the
company, whichever you choose, the names are
still listed First name Last Name.
Accounts: Tap an account to change login settings
and sign in using the new settings.
Default account: Tap the current default account to
change to another account. New contacts you
create are assigned to this account unless you
specify otherwise.
Sync Now: Tap to force synchronization of your
online accounts.
Add An Account: Tap, and then tap an account
type. Enter the account information. Before you can
set up an account on your phone, you must
already have an account online with the provider.