Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Personal Information 153
3. Set the following options:
Alarm Preferences: Tap Off to turn the alarm on.
When an alarm is turned on, the alarm icon
appears in the lower-right corner of the phone
screen. Tap the icon to see alarm details.
Name: Enter a name for the alarm.
Occurs: Tap to select the alarm frequency.
Time: Tap to set hour, minute, and AM/PM for the
Sound: Tap to open the list of ringtones, and then
tap the name of a ringtone. Tap to preview it.
When an alarm sounds on your phone, tap
Dismiss to
stop it or
Snooze to have it sound again in five minutes.
Manage Clock
1. Open Clock .
2. Tap .
To change the clock display: Open the application
menu > Procedure > and tap Themes. Then tap a
To change the time: See “Date & Time” on
page 170.
Cancel an Alarm
Open Clock , and then tap ; tap On to turn
an alarm off.
Change the Alarm Volume
1. Open Sounds & Ringtones .
Tip: When you set an alarm, you can adjust the alarm volume
by pressing the
volume up or volume down button on
the side of the phone. This also sets the ringtone volume
for incoming calls.
Note: When you turn everything off on your phone by
pressing and holding
power and tapping Turn Off,
alarms don’t sound.
Tip: By default, when the ringer switch is off, you can still hear
the Clock alarm. If you want to change this setting, go to
Clock > Preferences. Under Ringer Switch Off, change
Play alarm anyway to Off or On.