Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

248 4A. Troubleshooting
your company supports this). Sync means that if you
enter, change, or delete information in one location, the
change automatically shows up in the other location.
So if you enter a Google contact in the Contacts
application on your phone, the contact appears in your
online Google contacts—no need to enter it twice.
You must already have an account with a service
provider before you can set it up on your phone.
How Do I Set Up Synchronization With an
Online Account?
The first time you open Email, Contacts, or Calendar,
you are given the option to enter settings for one or
more online accounts (see “Set Up Email” on
page 187, “Use Contacts for the First Time” on
page 123, or “Use Calendar for the First Time” on
page 137). For any account, you need to enter the
settings in only one of these applications to
synchronize data for all three.
You can add additional accounts at any time using the
preferences in any of these applications (see “Set
Email Preferences” on page 200, “Customize Contacts”
on page 133, or “Customize Calendar” on page 143).
You can also set up the Messaging application to work
with an online instant messaging (IM) account (see
“Set Up an Instant Messaging (IM) Account” on
page 209), and the Photos application to work with an
online pictures account such as Facebook or
Photobucket (see “Set Up an Online Pictures Account
on Your Phone” on page 107).
See “Online Accounts Available for webOS Phones” on
page 294 for the current list of online accounts that
synchronize your info and those that do a one-way
transfer of info either from the Web to your phone, or
from your phone to the Web.
I Don’t Want to Sync Calendar or Contact
Information With My Online Account—Just
If you do not want to sync a Google application with an
online account, you can remove that account from
within the application. The online account continues to
sync with any other related Google applications.