Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

94 2D. Phone
Do any of the following:
Switch the types of calls displayed: Tap All Calls or
Missed Calls.
Call a number: Tap the number.
Save the number to Contacts: Tap to the right
of the number (see “Save a Phone Number to
Contacts” on page 94).
View a contact entry: Tap or the contact
picture to the right of the number.
Delete a call history entry: Throw the entry off the
side of the screen. Tap
Delete to confirm.
Clear the call history: Open the application menu
and tap
Clear Call History.
Save a Phone Number to Contacts
You can save the number from an incoming or
outgoing call to an existing contact, or create a new
contact for the number. If an incoming call uses caller
ID blocking, you cannot save the number.
1. Do one of the following:
Before dialing a number you entered in the dial pad:
Add to Contacts.
During a call: Tap .
After a call: From the dial pad, tap . Tap to
the right of the number, and tap
Add To Contacts.
Did You Know? In the call history, outgoing calls are
designated by a right-pointing green arrow,
and incoming calls are designated by a
left-pointing blue arrow. Missed calls are
designated by a bent red arrow. Ignored calls
are designated by a red X.