Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

28 2A. Basics
1 Option: Press to enter numbers, punctuation, and
symbols that appear above the letters on the keys.
See “Enter Alternate Keyboard Characters” on
page 54.
2 Shift: See “Enter Uppercase Letters” on page 53.
3 Space
4 Backspace
5 Enter: Press to enter a line return (for example, in
a memo or in an email message you are
composing) or to accept information you entered
in a field. See “Enter Information in a Field” on
page 56.
6 Sym: Press to enter symbols and accented
characters that don't appear on the keys. See
“Enter Characters From the Symbols Table” on
page 54.
1 Application name: Displays the name of the
currently open application. Tap the name to open
the application menu.
2 Launcher: See “Open an Application in the
Launcher” on page 47.