Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

124 2F. Personal Information
To open Contacts without creating an online
account: Tap Done. This opens your Palm profile
account, and you can start creating contacts in
this account.
Create a Contact
When you add a contact, if you don’t specify the
account, the new contact is added to your default
If you are using Contacts for the first time, you go
through a few different steps to add or access the
contacts on your phone (see “Use Contacts for the First
Time” on page 123). Follow this procedure to add
contacts directly on your phone after the first time you
use Contacts.
1. Open Contacts .
2. Tap .
3. (Optional) Tap the account icon to the right of
Name to change the account to which the new
contact will be added.
* Account icon, showing Palm profile account
Note: Changes you make in your Facebook account on the
Web show up on your phone. You cannot add to or
change Facebook contact or calendar info on your
Note: If an account doesn’t appear in the list, you can’t add
data to that account from your phone.