Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Preferences 165
1. Open Backup .
2. Do any of the following:
Back up your information manually: Tap Back up
Turn off automatic backup and delete backed-up
information: Tap On to switch backup from On to
Off. Tap
Turn Off And Erase Data. This deletes all
your information on the server. It does not affect
the information on your phone.
Turn on automatic backup if you had previously
turned it off: Tap Off to switch Backup from Off to
What Information is Backed Up?
All data backed up to your Palm profile is encrypted,
and only you, the profile owner, can access your data.
Backed up data cannot be accessed by Palm. Data in
your Palm profile can only be added to or edited on
your phone.
Tip: Go to Device Info to delete the information on your
phone (see “Erase Data and Reset Your Phone” on
page 171).
Important: In the event that your phone is lost or stolen, you
can go to your Palm profile on and from
there erase the data on your phone.