Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

86 2D. Phone
Dial Using a Speed Dial
See “Assign a Speed Dial to a Contact” on page 128
for instructions on creating a speed dial.
In the Launcher, Card view, or Phone, press and hold
the speed-dial key you assigned to the number.
Dial by Contact Name in the Phone
See “How Do I Add Names and Other Info Into
Contacts?” on page 121 for instructions on adding
contacts to your phone. You can also look up and dial
contacts using universal search (see “Dial by Contact
Name Using Universal Search” on page 85).
1. Open Phone .
2. Using the keyboard, enter a name or initials until
the contact you want appears.
3. Tap the number.
Did You Know? If you press E, R, or any other key that displays
both a letter and a number, you see both
matching names and numbers onscreen.
Did You Know? If your company uses Microsoft Exchange
Server with a Global Address List (GAL),
entering the contact search information
returns matching results from the GAL as well.