Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 65
Move Around
Reorder Notifications and Other
Dashboard Items
The area that displays all of your notifications (see
“View All Your Notifications” on page 64) is called the
Tap and hold a dashboard item, and then drag it to a
different location.
Throw a dashboard item off the side of the screen to
dismiss it.
Update the Software on Your Phone
Palm continually provides updates to your phone’s
operating system. Update notifications are sent to your
phone automatically when a system update is available
(see “Respond to a System Software Notification” on
page 65). When you update your phone’s operating
system, your personal information and files are not
What’s more, both Palm and many application
developers make updates available for applications
you have installed on your phone. Update notifications
are sent to your phone automatically when an
application update is available (see “Respond to an
Application Update Notification” on page 66).
In addition to receiving update notifications, you can
manually check for software or application updates at
any time (see “Manually Check for Updates” on
page 67).
Respond to a System Software
When you get a notification that a system update is
available, do one of the following:
Tap Install Now twice. When installation is complete
and the phone resets, tap
Done. Installation may take
around 15 minutes.
Tap Install Later. The next time you charge your
phone, you receive another update notification. You
can again choose whether to install the update now
or later. If you do not tap
Install Later within 10
minutes of receiving the notification, installation
begins automatically.