Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

144 2F. Personal Information
Set the following options:
First Day of Week: Select the day that appears as
the start of the week in Week view and Month view.
Day Start and End: Tap to enter the default start and
end times that appear in Day view and Week view.
Default Event Reminder: Tap the time interval for a
notification to appear for timed and all-day events.
Reminders you set for individual events override
the default setting.
Event Reminders: Select to play a sound when a
calendar notification appears.
Default Event Duration: The default event duration is
set to one hour. Tap to change this to
30 minutes or
2 hours.
Accounts: For all calendar accounts, tap an
account to change login settings or remove the
account. You should change login settings only if
you have changed this information for the calendar
account online—the information you enter here
must match the information in the online account.
Calendar View Options: Set the color for events
created in that account and show or hide that
account in All Calendars view.
Default Calendar: If you create an event in All
Calendars view, the event is assigned to your
default calendar.
Add An Account: Tap the account type and enter
your username and password for the online
calendar account. Before you can set up an
account on your phone, you must already have an
account online with the provider.