Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

228 3C. Web and Wireless Connections
Initiate a pairing from the other device.
4. When the connection request appears, tap Yes,
5. If a passkey is not required, pairing is complete
when the Devices list appears. If a passkey screen
appears, do one of the following:
An automatically generated passkey appears on the
passkey screen: Check the other device screen to
verify that the passkey is correct, and tap
connect to connect.
The screen displays a passkey generated by your
phone: Enter the displayed passkey on the other
The screen prompts you to enter a passkey: Check
the documentation that came with the other
device to see if there's a required passkey. If so,
enter that passkey on your phone. If not, make up
a passkey and enter it on both devices.
Connect With a Paired Device
After you pair with a device, you can connect to that
device without having to go through the pairing
process again.
1. Open Bluetooth .
Note: To connect with a paired computer, you must initiate
the connection from the computer. See the computer
documentation for instructions.