Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Personal Information 143
Respond to an Event Reminder
When an event reminder appears in the notification bar
at the bottom of the screen, tap the event description to
open the event, or tap one of the following:
Contact meeting attendees: This opens an email
message with the participants’ addresses added to
the To field. The default message text is “Running
late, on my way...”. You can edit the text before
sending the message.
Dismiss: Close the notification.
Snooze: The reminder reappears in five minutes.
View Meeting Participants
If you receive a meeting request, you can view the
1. On your calendar, tap the meeting request. (The
Participants field shows the organizer name plus
the number of participants.)
2. Tap the number to see the participants’ names.
3. (Optional) Tap a participant’s name. (If the
participant is a contact, the contact entry is
displayed. If the participant is not a contact, tap
Add to Contacts to add the participant to your
contacts list.)
Customize Calendar
1. Open Calendar .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences &