Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2A. Basics 27
Get to Know Your Phone
Front View
1 Earpiece
2 Touchscreen: Tap and make other gestures
directly on the screen. See “Touchscreen” on
page 28.
3 Gesture area: Make the back gesture and begin
other gestures here.
4 Keyboard: See “Use the Keyboard” on page 53.
5 Microphone
6 Ringer switch: Slide to turn the ringer and
notification sounds on or off. (Red means off.) The
ringer switch does not affect music or video
playback sounds. By default, Clock alarms sound
when the ringer switch is off.
7 Volume up/down
8 Charger/microUSB connector
Important: Be careful not to scratch, crush, or apply too much
pressure on the touchscreen. Do not store your
phone in a place where other items might
damage it.