Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

278 5A. Regulatory and Safety Information
Battery Source: Palm
Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer
Model: 157-10119-00
Rating: 3.7Vdc, 1150mAh (minimum)
Recycling and Disposal
This symbol indicates that Palm products
should be recycled and not be disposed of in
unsorted municipal waste. Please return Palm
products to the electrical and electronic
equipment collection points in your
municipality or county or to a facility that properly
recycles electrical and electronic equipment. These
collection points are available free of charge. For
detailed information please contact your municipality
or county. For information on Palm’s environmental
programs, visit
Hazardous substances that may be included in
electronic products can potentially affect human health
and the environment. Recycling benefits the
environment by diverting waste from landfills and by
recovering materials that may be recycled into other
products. Responsible recycling ensures materials are
properly collected and disposed.
Palm is committed to supporting the collection and
recycling of its products. Palm is committed to
participate and support the European Union WEEE
Directive (2002/96/EC) and the protection of the
environment for future generations. For more
information on the WEEE Directive implementation in
the various EU member states please see
It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that electrical
and electronic products are properly reused, recycled,
or recovered.
As part of Palm's corporate commitment to be a good
steward of the environment, we strive to use
environmentally friendly materials, reduce waste, and
collaborate with our channel partners to raise
awareness and help keep Palm handheld devices, s,
and mobile companions out of landfills through
evaluation and disposition for reuse and recycling. Visit for additional details and information
about how you can help reduce electronic waste.