Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 193
Email & Messaging
1. Open Email .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences &
3. Tap the account name.
4. Tap Remove Account, and then tap Remove Email
Create and Send an Email Message
1. Open Email .
2. If this is the first time you have opened the Email
application, and you have set up at least one email
account, tap
Done. (If you have not set up an email
account, see “Set Up Email” on page 187.)
3. Tap .
4. (Optional) Tap From to change the email account
you are using to send the message. (This option
appears only if you have more than one email
account set up on your phone.)
5. In the To field, do one of the following to address
the message:
Enter a contact name, initials, or email address.
Tap the email address when it appears.
Tap to open the full contact list. Tap the
contact you want, or enter a name or address to
narrow the list.