Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 37
Move Around
Swipe: A swipe is most often a horizontal gesture, from
right to left or left to right. Do it fast, do it lightly. In a
swipe, your fingertip just skims the surface of the
touchscreen or gesture area.
One kind of swipe you’ll use a lot:
Back. Make the back
gesture from right to left anywhere in the gesture area.
Back takes you up one level from a detailed view to a
more general view of the application you’re working in.
For example, when you finish reading an email
message, make the back gesture to close the message
and return to your list of messages. Or when you finish
writing a memo, make the back gesture to close and
save the memo and return to the display of all your
memos. When you make the back gesture in an
application and that’s the only screen of that app that’s
open, you minimize the app and go back to
Card view.
In Web, the back gesture performs the same function
as the back button on the browser, allowing you to
move back through previously viewed pages.