Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

192 3B. Email and Other Messages
Vibrate: Set whether your phone vibrates when a
new message arrives.
Signature: Tap to create a signature that’s added to
outgoing messages (see “Add a Signature to
Outgoing Messages” on page 199 for more
Reply-to Address: Enter the address you want
recipients to see and reply to on your outgoing
messages, if this is different from your actual email
Sync deleted emails (POP accounts only): Set
whether messages should be deleted on the
server when you delete them on your phone.
Show Email: Set how many days’ worth of
messages to retrieve from the server.
Get Email: Set how frequently to synchronize email
for this account.
Default Folders (IMAP accounts only): Specify the
folder where messages you send, save as drafts,
or delete are stored.
Remove Account: See “Delete an Email Account”
on page 192.
Change Login Settings: See “Change Account
Login Settings” on page 192.
Change Account Login Settings
When you change your password for an online email
account, remember to make the change in the account
settings on your phone also.
1. Open Email .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences &
3. Tap the account name.
4. Tap Change Login Settings and tap the relevant
fields to change the account information.
Delete an Email Account
When you delete an email account from your phone, it
removes the account information from your phone only.
It does not affect your account with the email provider.