Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

74 2B Move Around on Your Phone
Copy Other Types of Files Between Your
Phone and Your Computer
You can copy any type of file from a computer to your
phone, and from your phone to your computer, by
putting your phone in USB Drive mode.
After you copy a file to your phone, you can open the
file if your phone has an application that supports the
file type. You can open many file formats for photos,
videos, and music; Microsoft Office files; and PDF files.
When your phone is in USB Drive mode, you can’t
make or receive calls or use other wireless features
such as email or the Web.
1. Connect your phone to your computer using the
USB cable.
2. On your phone, tap USB Drive. (On your computer,
your phone appears as a removable drive.)
3. On a Windows computer, if the Found New
Hardware wizard opens, click Cancel to close the
4. Open My Computer (Windows XP), Computer
(Windows Vista), or the
Finder (Mac), double-click
the drive representing your phone, and drag and
drop files to your phone. (The drive displays folders
that you can use to organize the files you copy. You
can also create your own folders.)
5. On a Windows computer, to end the connection
safely, right-click the drive representing your phone
and click
Eject. (On a Mac computer, from your
desktop, drag the drive representing your phone to
Trash. Trash changes to Eject.)
Important: All files that you store on the USB Drive of your
phone are not backed up to your Palm profile, and
they cannot sync to any of your online accounts. So
be sure to keep a copy of all such files somewhere
besides your phone just in case you lose your
phone or you must do a full erase of the info on
your phone.
Before You Begin: Before you copy files from your computer,
make sure you have enough storage
space on your phone to fit the file. Open
Device Info and look at the Available field