Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 61
Move Around
Search to Find Info and Make Calls
Use Universal Search
You can search for contacts and applications on your
phone, or search the Web.
1. Open Card view (see “Display All Open
Applications (Card View)” on page 49) or the
Launcher (see “Open an Application in the
Launcher” on page 47).
2. Begin typing a search term or keyword (see
“Universal Search Application Keywords” on
page 62). (As you type, search displays any
contact names and application names that match
the character or application names that are
associated with the keyword. As you continue
typing, the search results narrow.)
3. Do one of the following:
To look up or get in touch with someone: Tap a
contact name to open the person’s contact
information. Tap a phone number to dial it, an
email address to send a message, and so on. If
only the contact name is displayed, tap the name
to display ways to get in touch. You can also tap
Tip: You can also start a search by copying text in another
application, opening the Launcher, and pasting the text.
The text appears at the top of the screen as the search
term. Note that you can’t paste text in Card view.