Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 49
Move Around
you're working in. For example, when you finish
reading an email message, make the back gesture to
close the message and return to your list of messages.
Or when you finish writing a memo, make the back
gesture to close and save the memo and return to the
display of all your memos. When you make the back
gesture in an application and that's the only screen of
that app that's open, you minimize the app and go
back to
Card view.
To make the back gesture, swipe right to left anywhere
in the gesture area.
Display All Open Applications (Card View)
Card view displays open applications as small cards, so
that you can easily scroll through them and drag them
to change their order.
When an application fills the screen and you want to
go to
Card view, do one of the following:
Tap the center of the gesture area.
Make the up gesture: Flick up from the gesture area to
the screen.