Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 253
I Have Problems Sending and Receiving
Make sure your phone is on and that your data
connection to your mail server or email service
provider has not been interrupted (see “Turn the
Phone On/Off” on page 18).
Short periods of time when email is unavailable are
common, due to server problems or poor wireless
coverage. If you have problems sending or receiving
mail for an extended period of time, check with your
ISP or email service provider to verify that the service
is working properly, and check with Sprint for outage
information in your area.
I Have Problems Sending Email (IMAP and
POP Accounts)
If you are able to receive email messages but cannot
send them, try the following:
Turn on authentication (see “Set Up Email: Other
Providers” on page 190). Many service providers
require authenticated access, or ESMTP, to use their
SMTP servers for outgoing mail.
Enter the name of a different outgoing mail server for
sending mail (see “Set Up Email: Other Providers” on
page 190). Many ISPs, such as cable companies,
require that you have an Internet connection to their
network to send email through their servers. In this
case, you can almost always receive email from
these accounts, but if you want to send email, you
must send it through another server. Check with your
email service provider for the correct outgoing mail
server name.
After I Receive Messages, Older
Messages Disappear From My Inbox
When email sync takes place, the last three days’ worth
of email messages is downloaded from your mail
server to your Inbox. All messages older than three
days are removed from your Inbox; they are not deleted
on the server, however.
You can change the setting to download only one or
two days’ worth of messages. If you select one of these
options, any messages older than one or two days are
deleted from your Inbox. You can also change the
setting to download all messages regardless of the