Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Preferences 171
Network time zone: Tap On or Off. If you turn this
option off, tap the city that appears onscreen. Type
the name of a country or city in the time zone you
want, and then tap the location.
Device Info
View System Information
1. Open Device Info . (Basic system information is
2. To view more detailed system information, tap
More Info, and tap Software or Hardware.
Rename Your phone
1. Open Device Info .
2. Tap the Name field and enter the new name.
Restart Your phone
If an application freezes, first try restarting your phone.
No files or settings are changed when you restart.
1. Open Device Info .
2. Tap Phone Reset Options and tap Restart.
Erase Data and Reset Your Phone
If restarting your phone does not solve the problem of
application freezes, you may need to reset the phone. A
reset deletes some or all information from your phone
(depending on the type of reset you select). After a
reset, you must follow the prompts to sign in to your
Palm profile again before you can use your phone.
1. Open Device Info .
2. Tap Reset Options.
Note: If the screen does not respond to taps, press and hold
power and slide the ringer switch three times to restart
your phone.
Important: You should perform a manual backup of your data
before resetting your phone (see “Back Up Your
Information” on page 164).