Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Web and Wireless Connections 215
Wireless Connections
Auto Locate: If you turn Auto Locate off and an
application subsequently needs to know your
location, a notification appears asking if the
application can identify your location. Tap
to turn on Location Services for that session only.
Geotag Photos: If Geotag Photos is turned on,
photos are tagged with the latitude and longitude
coordinates of the location in which they were
Background Data Collection: Turn on Background
Data Collection to allow the collection of
anonymous aggregate location data to improve
the quality of the location services provided to
applications that require them.
5. To choose how you want to be located, open
application menu
, tap Locate Me Using, and
choose one or both of the following:
Google Service.
Go to a Website
The Web browser on your phone is capable of
displaying most Web content. The browser features the
Did You Know? The geotag is stored as an EXIF tag in the
photo file, not on the image itself. A common
use of the geotag occurs in online photo
services like Photobucket and desktop apps
like Google Earth, which use the data to
position the photo as a thumbnail on a map.