Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 205
Email & Messaging
Create and Send a Text or Multimedia
Each text message can have up to 160 characters. If
you send a text message to an email address, the
email address is deducted from the 160-character
Multimedia messages consist of both text and pictures.
You can include pictures in JPG format.
1. Open Messaging .
2. The first time you open Messaging, tap Done to
send a text or multimedia message. (Thereafter,
skip to step 3.)
3. Tap . (The cursor is in the To field.) Do one of
the following to address the message:
Enter a contact’s first or last name or initials,
screen name, phone number, or email address.
Tap the phone number, IM, or email address you
want to use to send the message when it
Tap to open your full contact list. Tap the
contact you want or enter a name or address to
narrow the list.
Enter a phone number for a recipient who is not a
4. Tap the To field and repeat step 3 to enter
additional recipients.
Did You Know? You can send and receive text messages
even while you are on a phone call. This is
easiest when using a hands-free headset or
the speaker.
Before You Begin: Make sure that your phone is on and that
you’re inside a coverage area (see “Turn
Wireless Services On” on page 20).
Tip: If you want to set up an instant messaging (IM) account
the first time you open Messaging, tap
Add An Account
and see “Set Up an Instant Messaging (IM) Account” on
page 209 for instructions.
Tip: Do you need to enter a short code that contains letters?
Use the keyboard to enter it; just press the letter keys. For
example, if the code is “win01,” press
W to enter w, I to
enter i, and so on. No need to figure out the numbers that
correspond to the letters.