Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

112 2E. Photos, Videos, and Music
When the video you want appears, do one of the
To view the video: Tap the video thumbnail.
To view video details: Tap the text to the right of the
video thumbnail.
Use Video Playback Controls
Playback controls automatically appear when you start
a video. They disappear after a few seconds. Tap the
video to manually display or dismiss the controls.
Find Related Videos
Find videos from the same author or otherwise related
to the one you selected.
On the video details screen (see “Watch a Video” on
page 111), do one of the following:
View videos from the same author: Tap More > More
From This Author.
View related videos: Tap More > Related Videos.
Share a Video
Send a friend a link to a YouTube video.
1. On the video details screen (see “Watch a Video”
on page 111), tap
2. Tap Email or Text Message.
3. Address and send the message.
Did You Know? Some videos can be viewed in YouTube on
your computer only. For those videos, you can
view video details on your phone, but if you try
to play the video on your phone, an error
message appears.
Control Function
Move forward or backward (tap and hold the
slider, then drag forward or backward).
Switch between full-screen view and original
Control Function