Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

Your Palm
Pixi™ Phone
Your Palm
Pixi™ phone puts Palm’s multitasking,
gesture-based operating system, the Palm
platform, inside a small, beautiful device. Here are a few
highlights of your new phone.
Gestures: On your Pixi phone, you make calls, move
around, and manage your applications and info by
making simple gestures either on the touchscreen or in
the gesture area directly beneath the screen. For more
information, see “Use Gestures: Tap, Swipe, Drag, Flick,
Pinch” on page 35, and go to to see
animations that demonstrate these gestures. The
introductory piece in your Pixi phone’s box has a
detachable gesture guide to put in a pocket and
consult when you need to—you won’t need it very long.
Multitasking: You can have many applications open at
once and easily move among them. Go to the
Launcher to open apps. See the lineup of your open
apps in Card view. Tap an app to bring it into the
foreground and work with it. For more information, see
“Open Applications” on page 46.
The Palm
Synergy™ feature: The Palm
feature on your Pixi phone displays information from
several sources in a single view, so you can access
your info quickly, without having to remember where
you stored it.
For example, suppose you have a Google account for
personal email, contacts, and calendar events, and an
Exchange account for your corporate email, contacts,
and events. The Email, Contacts, and Calendar
applications on your Pixi phone all provide a kind of
view in which you can see information from both of
those accounts in one place—but even though the
information is brought into one view, the sources of that
information are kept separate. For more information,
read about linked contacts, layered calendars, and the
single inbox for your email in “Contacts” on page 121,
“Calendar” on page 135, and “Email” on page 186.
Note: See “Online Accounts Available for webOS Phones” on
page 294 for the current list of online accounts that you
can set up on your phone and for information about
the behavior of these accounts.