Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2G. Documents 159
To show a hidden row or column: Tap, hold, and drag
one of the row or column headers to either side of
the hidden row or column. Tap
Show Hidden.
To display all hidden rows or columns: Open the
application menu
and tap Show All Hidden.
Sort Your Data in a Spreadsheet
Tap the column header and tap Sort ascending or
Sort descending.
Switch Among Sheets
Do one of the following:
Tap or to move to the next or previous
Open the application menu and tap Worksheets. Tap
the sheet.
Tap the current sheet number in the lower-left corner
of the screen. Enter the page number you want to
jump to and press
Enter .
View Comments in a Spreadsheet
In an open Excel
spreadsheet, comments are
indicated by a red triangle in the upper-right corner of
the relevant cell.
1. Tap the red comment indicator to open the
2. Tap the comment to close it.
Switch Among Views in a PowerPoint
In an open presentation, open the application menu
and tap a view.
To return to normal presentation view:
From Outline view: Tap a slide.
From Notes view: Open the application menu, and
Show Notes.