Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

244 4A. Troubleshooting
There Are Small Icons in the Lower-Right
Corner of the Screen
Those icons represent notifications that you have not
opened or dismissed. For most types of notifications, if
you do not tap a notification after a few seconds, it
becomes an icon in the lower-right portion of the
screen. If you see one or more icons, tap anywhere on
the bottom of the screen to display your notifications.
Signal Strength Is Weak
Become familiar with low coverage areas where you
live, commute, work, and play. Then you know when to
expect signal-strength issues.
If you’re standing, move about 3 meters in any
In a building, move near a window. Open any metal
In a building, move outdoors or to a more open area.
Outdoors, move away from large buildings, trees, or
electrical wires.
In a vehicle, move your phone so that it’s level with a
My Phone Won’t Connect to the Mobile
Try the suggestions in the preceding section for
weak signals.
Turn off your phone and turn it on again (see “Turn
the Phone On/Off” on page 18).
Restart your phone (see “Restart Your phone” on
page 171).
I See Five Bars in the Signal-Strength Icon,
but I Still Can’t Connect to the Network
The signal-strength icon always displays five bars.
Your signal strength is indicated by the number of bars
that are shaded white. If most or all of the bars are gray,
you are in an area of weak or no coverage.