Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

62 2B Move Around on Your Phone
Add Reminder to add a reminder message to the
contact (see “Assign a Reminder Message to a
Contact” on page 129).
To perform a Web search: Tap the search term you
entered to open a list of Web search options, and
tap the option. If your search returns no contacts
or applications, the Web search options are
displayed automatically.
To open an application: Tap the application.
Universal Search Application Keywords
If you don’t know the name of the app you are
searching for, you can enter a keyword associated with
the app. This table shows the keywords you can use to
find an app on your phone.
Application Name Keywords
App Catalog Store
Backup Settings, Preferences
Bluetooth Settings, Preferences, Wireless
Calendar Datebook, Meetings, Events
Clock Alarm, Time, Watch
Contacts Addresses, People
Date & Time Clock, Settings, Preferences
Device Info Settings, Preferences, Reset
Doc View Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Email Mail
Google Maps Maps
Location Services Settings, Preferences
Memos Notes, Stickies, Notepad
Messaging Text, SMS, MMS, IM, Instant Chat
Music Songs, Tunes, Audio
PDF View Acrobat
Phone Dial
Photos Pictures
Regional Settings Settings, Preferences
Application Name Keywords