Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

178 2H. Preferences
To turn Secure Unlock off, in Secure Unlock, tap Off.
(Enter the PIN or password.)
Sounds & Ringtones
Manage System Sounds and Ringtones
You can turn system sounds, such as transition sounds
and notification alerts, on or off. You can also set the
volume for system sounds.
1. Open Sounds & Ringtones .
2. In Ringer Switch Off, tap Vibrate or Mute to set
whether your phone vibrates when you slide the
ringer switch off.
3. Under Ringer Switch On, set any of the following:
Rings & Alerts: Select Sound & Vibrate or Sound. To
change the ringtone for incoming calls see “Select
the Ringtone for Incoming Calls” on page 179. Tap,
hold, and drag the
Ringtone Volume slider to set
the ringtone volume.
Tip: To change your PIN or password, in Secure Unlock, tap
Change PIN or Change Password. Enter the old
PIN/password and the new PIN/password.
Note: Sliding the ringer switch off turns off system sounds.
The ringer switch does not affect the Clock alarm or
media sounds, such as Music and Video.