Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

264 4B. Glossary
4B. Glossary
airplane mode: A mode in which all the wireless
services on your phone are turned off. Wireless
services include the phone used for making and
receiving calls, and Bluetooth
wireless technology.
See “Turn Wireless Services Off (Airplane Mode)” on
page 19.
application menu: A menu that contains application
commands such as cut, copy, and paste (where
available); preferences; and application help. To open
the application menu, tap the application name in the
upper-left corner of the screen. See also “connection
menu” on page 265.
application search: The feature that lets you search
for entries within an application by typing a search term
when the list view is displayed—for example, a contact
name or phone number, the subject text of an email
message, or a few words from a memo. See also
“universal search” on page 268.
application update: An update from the developer of
an application you bought through App Catalog on
your phone. When an application update is available, a
notification appears on your phone. You can also
check for application updates manually. Additional fees
may apply. See “Update the Software on Your Phone”
on page 65.
back: The gesture you use to move up one level from
a detailed view to a more general view of the
application you’re working in. For example, when you
finish reading an email message, make the back
gesture to close the message and return to your list of
messages. Or when you finish writing a memo, make
the back gesture to close and save the memo and
return to the display of all your memos. See “Go Up
One Level in an App (Back Gesture)” on page 48.
Making the back gesture is also the way you save your
work in many apps. If you don't see a Done button,
make the back gesture to save your work.
card: A minimized view of an open application. You
can easily move among and reorder cards in Card
view. Tap a card to restore the full-screen view of the
application and continue working in it. See also “Card
view” on page 265.