Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

182 3A. Using Web and Data Services
3A. Using Web and Data
Get Started With Data Services (page 182)
Access Data Services (page 182)
Use Sprint TV
(page 183)
Get Started With Data Services
With your Sprint service, you are ready to start enjoying
the advantages of data services. To sign up for data
services and to access complete instructions, visit
sprint com For information on charges associated with
the features of Sprint’s data services, refer to your Sprint
service plan.
Enable Data Services
The first time your activated Palm
Pixi™ phone is
turned on, a one-time setup process occurs
automatically. You do not need to do anything. If the
setup process fails, call Sprint Customer Service at
1-888-211-4727 from another phone for assistance.
Access Data Services
Data Services User Name
When you buy your phone and sign up for service,
you’re automatically assigned a user name, which is
typically based on your name and a number followed
by “” (For example, the third John
Smith to sign up for Sprint services might have as his user name.)
When you use data services, your user name is
submitted to identify you to the Sprint National Network.
Your user name is automatically programmed into your
phone. You don’t have to enter it. When your phone is
enabled with data services, your user name
automatically appears on the
Device Info screen.