Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

48 2B Move Around on Your Phone
To find the app you want, swipe up or down to see
all the icons on a page. (Swipe left or right to see
other pages.)
1 Arrow indicates that you can swipe up to see
partially or fully hidden icons.
2 Page indicators show that there are two Launcher
pages to the right—swipe right to left on the screen
to see them.
3. Tap the application icon.
To close the
Launcher, do one of the following:
Tap the center of the gesture area.
Tap .
Make the up gesture: Flick up from the gesture area to
the screen.
Open an Application Using Search
1. Tap the center of the gesture area to open Card
2. Enter the name of the application.
3. When the application icon appears in the search
results, tap it.
Work With Applications
Go Up One Level in an App (Back
The back gesture takes you up one level from a
detailed level to a more general view of the application