Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 197
Email & Messaging
For other file types: Open the application menu
and tap
Save As. If the Save As menu item is not
available, you cannot save the attachment.
Add a Contact From an Email Message
You can add a contact name or email address to your
Contacts list directly from the
To, Cc, or Bcc field of an
incoming email message. You can either create a new
contact or add the information to an existing contact.
1. In a message you received, tap the name or email
2. Tap Add To Contacts.
3. Tap one of the following:
Save As New: Create a new contact for the name or
Add To Existing: Tap the contact you want to add
the name or address to.
View a Contact From an Email Message
In a message you received from someone listed in
Contacts app, tap the name to open the contact
Search for an Email Message
You can search for messages in any email folder.
Incoming messages must be fully downloaded to your
phone to show up in search results.
In the folder containing the message, type a few
characters of a name or email address in the
To, or Cc line, or a few characters of the subject.
Matching results appear as you type. Keep entering
characters to narrow the list.
Reply to a Message
1. Open a message.
2. Tap one of the following:
: Reply to just the sender.
: Reply to the sender and all other addressees.