Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

226 3C. Web and Wireless Connections
Wireless Technology
What is Bluetooth
Wireless Technology?
With the Bluetooth
wireless technology on your phone,
you can connect to a number of Bluetooth devices,
including a hands-free device such as a headset or car
kit; see “Set Up and Use a Bluetooth
Device” on page 96.
Before you can connect to another Bluetooth device,
you need to pair with that device. You can either make
the pairing request from your phone (see “Make a
Pairing Request to Another Device” on page 226), or
accept a pairing request from the other device (see
“Accept a Pairing Request From Another Device” on
page 227).
Turn the Bluetooth Feature On/Off
Do one of the following:
Open Bluetooth , and tap On or Off.
From any screen: Open the connection menu, tap
Bluetooth, and tap Turn on Bluetooth or Turn off
Make a Pairing Request to Another Device
You can make a pairing request to a Bluetooth audio
device such as a headset, car kit, or A2DP device.
1. Open Bluetooth .
2. Make sure Bluetooth is on (see “Turn the Bluetooth
Feature On/Off” on page 226).
Before You Begin: The other device must be discoverable to
appear on your phone’s Devices list.
Check the documentation that came with
the other device for information on
making it discoverable.