Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

190 3B. Email and Other Messages
Tap Add An Account to add another account.
Set Up Email: Other Providers
Follow this procedure to get email from an account that
you have with an Internet service provider (ISP), a work
account other than a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
account, or any other IMAP or POP email account.
1. Open Email .
2. The first time you open Email, do one of the
If this is the first email account you are setting up:
The email address you used for your Palm profile
is entered by default. Use that address, or enter
an address for one of your other email accounts.
Enter your password for the account and tap
If you already set up an account and want to set up
another one: Tap Add An Account. Enter your
username and password, and tap
Sign In.
Before You Begin: Get this info from your email provider or
system administrator:
Account type (POP or IMAP)
Incoming and outgoing mail server
Incoming mail server username and
Incoming and outgoing server port
Any SSL requirements for incoming
and/or outgoing mail
Any authentication (ESMTP)
requirements for outgoing mail
Root folder (IMAP accounts only)