Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

216 3C. Web and Wireless Connections
latest Web standard technologies such as HTML 4.01,
CSS 2.1, Ajax, and JavaScript. It does not support
plug-ins such as Flash or Java applets.
1. Open Web .
2. Enter the address of the page. (You don’t need to
enter the prefix http://www.)
If the page appears in the list of viewed pages, tap
it to go there again. If not, press
3. To cancel a page while it is loading, tap .
Go to a Website Using Search
You can also search the Web from the Launcher or
Card view (see “Search to Find Info and Make Calls”
on page 61).
1. Open Web .
2. Enter the search term and tap a search option.
Open Another Browser
If you are looking at one Web page and need to check
something on a different one, simply open another
1. Open Web , open the application menu , and
New card.
2. Enter an address or search term for the second
instance of the browser.
Did You Know? If you browse to a secure Web page, the lock
icon in the address line appears closed.