Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

202 3B. Email and Other Messages
Send Email Messages From Within
Another Application
Use the share menu item in any application that
supports this feature to send an item as an attachment
to an email message. This feature is supported in the
Contacts, Photos, Doc View, PDF View, and Memos
applications, among others. Depending on the app, the
menu item might be named
Share, Send, or Email. For
details, see the section on the specific application.
What Kinds of Messages Can I Send and
You can use the Messaging application to send and
receive the following types of messages:
Text and multimedia messages (see “Create and
Send a Text or Multimedia Message” on page 205).
Instant messages for an IM account you already
have set up online (see “Set Up an Instant
Messaging (IM) Account” on page 209).
The Synergy feature enables the Messaging app to
gather all your text, multimedia, and instant messages
to and from the same contact into a single
conversation (sometimes called a thread). So you can
see your entire message history with a person
regardless of the different methods you happened to
use to communicate with that person (see “Work With
Conversations” on page 202). You can even switch
from account to account without losing the thread of
your conversation (see “Switch Between Messaging
Accounts in a Conversation” on page 203)—just pick
the messaging account that’s most likely to keep you in
unbroken contact with the person you're talking to.
Work With Conversations
When you exchange more than one message with a
person, the messages are grouped into a conversation.
A single conversation can contain text, multimedia, and
IM messages. When you start or continue a