Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Phone 85
Dial by Contact Name Using Universal
1. Open Card view (see “Display All Open
Applications (Card View)” on page 49) or the
Launcher (see “Open an Application in the
Launcher” on page 47).
2. Begin typing the contact first or last name, or
3. Tap one of the contact’s phone numbers to dial it.
(If only the contact name appears, tap the name to
display the phone numbers for that contact, and
tap the number.)
Dial Using the Keyboard
1. In the Launcher or Card view, use the keyboard to
enter the number. (You do not need to press
Option to enter numbers, *, or #.)
2. When you finish entering the number, tap it to dial.
Tip: Press Backspace or tap the onscreen backspace icon
(to the right of the number you enter) to delete numbers
one at a time. Tap and hold the icon to delete all the
Tip: You can paste numbers copied from other applications—
for example, from an email message or a memo—into the
dial pad.
Tip: To enter +, tap and hold 0 onscreen.
Tip: You can also enter a number with the keyboard when the
dial pad is displayed. After entering the number, tap the
onscreen dial icon to dial.
Tip: To enter +, press and hold the 0 key on the keyboard.