Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

138 2F. Personal Information
your phone’s time settings, see “Date & Time” on
page 170.
1. Open Calendar .
2. Tap All or an online account name in the
upper-right corner, and tap the calendar you want
to use for this event.
If you create an event in All Calendars view, the
event is created in the calendar set as the default
(see “Customize Calendar” on page 143).
3. Go to the day you want (see “Move Around in
Calendar” on page 141) and tap a blank time slot.
4. Enter the event name and press Enter .
In Day view, available time slots between events
are compressed and labeled X Hrs Free. To
expand free time so you can enter an event, tap
Hrs Free.
Don’t look for a save button—your info is
automatically saved when you make the back
gesture to close the event.
Enter the Event Location
1. While creating an event (see “Create an Event” on
page 137), tap to the right of the event name.
(To enter the event location after creating an event,
tap the event name in Day view.)
2. Tap Event location and enter the location.
Note: If an account doesn’t appear in the list, you can’t add
data to that account from your phone.