Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

246 4A. Troubleshooting
My Phone Seems to Turn Off by Itself
Your phone has a power-saving feature that’s set to
turn off the screen if it has been idle for one minute.
You can change the auto-shut off interval (see “Set the
Interval for Turning the Screen Off Automatically” on
page 175).
If you restart your phone, any wireless services are
automatically turned on if they were on before the
restart. However, if the phone can’t determine if a
wireless service was on before the restart, that service
does not automatically turn on (see “Turn the Phone
On/Off” on page 18).
If the problem persists and you’re using third-party
applications, see “Third-Party Applications” on
page 261 for additional suggestions.
Hands-Free Devices
I Can’t Make or Receive Calls Using a
Hands-Free Device
Verify all of the following:
The Bluetooth feature is turned on (see “Turn the
Bluetooth Feature On/Off” on page 226).
Your Bluetooth hands-free device is charged and
turned on.
You have already formed a partnership between your
phone and your hands-free device, and the
hands-free device appears in the
Devices list (see
“Connect With a Paired Device” on page 228).
Your phone is within range of the hands-free device.
Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters in optimum
environmental conditions, which include the absence
of obstacles, radio interference from nearby
electronic equipment, and other factors.
You are away from other devices using the 2.4GHz
radio frequency, such as cordless phones and