Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

280 5A. Regulatory and Safety Information
Repetitive Motion Injuries: When using the keyboard or
playing games on your phone, you may experience
discomfort in your neck, shoulders, hands, arms, or
other parts of the body. To avoid any injury, such as
tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other
musculoskeletal disorder, make sure to take necessary
breaks from use, take longer rests (such as several
hours) if discomfort or tiring begins, and see a doctor if
discomfort persists. To minimize the risk of Repetitive
Motion Injuries, when texting or playing games with
your phone:
Do not grip the phone too tightly.
Press the buttons lightly.
Make use of the special features in the handset
which minimize the number of buttons which have to
be pressed, such as message templates and
predictive text.
Take lots of breaks to stretch and relax.
Blackouts and Seizures: Blinking lights, such as those
experienced with television or playing video games,
may cause some people to experience blackout or
seizure, even if never experienced before. In the event a
phone user should experience any disorientation, loss
of awareness, convulsion, eye or muscle twitching, or
other involuntary movements, stop use immediately
and consult a doctor. Individuals with personal or
family history of such events should consult a doctor
before using the device. To limit the possibility of such
symptoms, wherever possible every hour take a
minimum break of 15 minutes, use in a well lighted
area, view the screen from the farthest distance, and
avoid exposure to blinking lights if you are tired.
Operating Machinery: Do not use your phone while
operating machinery. Full attention must be given to
operating the machinery in order to reduce the risk of
an accident.
Aircraft: While in aircraft, follow all instructions
regarding the operation of your phone. Use of your
phone while on board an aircraft must be done in
accordance and in compliance with airline instructions
and regulations.
Vehicles with Air Bags: Your phone should not be
placed in a position that would affect the operation of
air bag deployment or in a position that, should the air
bag inflate, could propel the phone. Air bags will inflate
with great force and care should be taken to protect
within a vehicle that has air bags. Do not place a
phone in the area over an air bag or in the air bag